1:1 Coaching

There's nothing like having your own Coach.

What’s it like to have your own Coach? Well you may have had a Coach before when playing sport? It’s a bit similar in many ways, but a business coach can be more critical given the stakes that are on the line. 

One on one coaching is an engaging process that will challenge you on all fronts. Not only just in the business, but emotionally and educationally. With your own coach you will work on all aspects of your business. Redefining your Purpose and your Why? You will work on your Marketing, Sales, People, Process, Leadership and Wealth Creation. 

Who helps you drive your strategy?

I’ve always had the mentality that you need to think about your business from a stakeholder and corporate structure point of view. If you had a board of management, who would it be and who would you have at this level.

If you want true accountability, then building a monthly, by-monthly or quarterly board meeting structure will help you immensely. It will make you look at your business through lens of all stakeholders, making you ask deeper questions and really challenging your strategic thinking.

If you build your board with your accountant, independent advisory and a stakeholder representative, then imagine what it would feel like reporting and discussing your business at this level?

Who keeps you Accountable?